• Anti-Racism Working Group Update

    Over the summer of 2020 the CCV faculty union formed an Anti-Racism Working Group that has been holding regular meetings to examine the ways in which racism and white supremacy exist in our college and the changes that are needed to address this. We recognized the need to address the lack of diversity in our […]

  • CCVUF Bargaining Platform

    1. Parity, Equity, Fairness We are part-time faculty in the Vermont State Colleges System. We do the same work, often with the same students, as other VSC PT faculty. Our compensation and benefits should recognize that. 2. Policies that support job security Respectful and predictable policies support faculty in their work leading to better student […]

  • Member Priorities for our Next Contract

    Here are what our members see as priorities for our next contract, based on our Member Survey (CCVUF Bargaining Survey Priorities — 145 responses). Contract priorities this year: More Pay Grades for experienced faculty 57.9% 84 Payment for required training 55.9% 81 Sabbatical or Leave of Absence up to one year without loss of Bargaining […]

  • What has our union accomplished? What’s next?

    It’s here, time to begin the process of bargaining our second contract. While we made significant gains with our first contract, we know there is room to improve and strengthen our union. Step 1 is to hear from all our members and determine priorities for this round. Tomorrow all dues-paying members will receive a link […]

  • Anti-Racism Working Group Letter to the Academic Council

    CCV United Faculty, Anti-Racism Working Group September 11, 2020 Re: Recommendations for Curriculum Changes To the Academic Council: These past few months have been extraordinary. We are living at a historical moment when communities, institutions, and citizens across the country are at last initiating long overdue conversations on the ongoing systemic racism in this country. […]

  • CCV Appeals Faculty Unemployment

    It has come to the attention of our union that CCV and the Vermont State College System are appealing faculty’s unemployment claims. We are very concerned about this course of action and are reaching out to you to see if this has happened to you. If your unemployment claim for cancelled summer courses has been […]

  • Latest Issue of “Together”

    Here’s Issue 17 of “Together” — the newsletter of the faculty union of VSC & CCV. ISSUE #17 – March 2019 (PDF)

  • The CCV Union Supports More Funding for CCV and More Support for Our Students

    Our Union is focusing on legislation that would increase the funding for CCV and other Vermont State Colleges. We are also pushing for more aid and more support for our students. This legislation session is seeing a lot of activity both in the Senate and the House on spending bills funding the VSC so the […]

  • Our Final Contract, 9/1/18 – 8/31/21

    Agreement Between the Community College of Vermont and CCV United Faculty, VSCFF 3180, AFT Vermont, AFL-CIO September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2021 FINAL CCV Contract 2018-2021 (with Index)

  • Building an internal structure to build membership and enforce the contract

    Intro Now that we, CCV United Faculty, have successfully won a union election and bargained a first contract it is time to develop an internal organization to enforce the contract (through membership development, education and grievance work) and make decisions. Stewards The best practice is to create a steward structure that is representative of the […]