CCV faculty: Have you filled out your membership form yet?


As early as spring of 2014 CCV faculty were discussing the work of forming a faculty union. The process of connecting with each other and organizing a group of committed faculty to form a union took some time, but by the Spring of 2017 we were confident that the majority of CCV faculty wanted a union to represent our interests. In October of 2017, 81% of the eligible CCV faculty voted and the results revealed a strong majority in favor of union representation by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union.


The adjunct faculty of the Community College of Vermont are committed to a fair and progressive agenda that supports faculty in providing quality instruction built on strong academic standards, that promotes faculty support of students and that works for college affordability.

As professionals in our fields, we seek to formalize our faculty voice in curriculum and program development, course assignments and compensation. We seek to strengthen faculty evaluation and grievance procedures and to create an organized voice for faculty, both at the Vermont statehouse and nationwide.

A CCV faculty union will be a powerful voice for a collaborative educational atmosphere, fair and just working conditions and accessible, high-quality education for all.